Monday, October 13, 2014

Petrossian - Restaurant Week (July 2014) Review

I went during Restaurant Week back in July 2014, not knowing what to expect. The reviews I saw online were divided between positives and negatives, but sadly, I can side more so with the negative side than positive.

The food wasn't awful but if you want, and only if YOU want to, I would suggest trying this restaurant during restaurant week instead of paying full price for the meals... or if you want to get caviar, of course. Personally, I wouldn't pay full price for the food because there wasn't anything spectacular from my meals...

FYI - they had caviar as an option on their restaurant week menu but there was an additional $12 charge. Basically, they made it worth the regular price... SO, they might as well NOT place it on the restaurant week menu or at least put a disclaimer that the caviar won't be given on a discount.


My appetizer was a salad (no picture). Just a regular salad is all it was. Nothing special.

My entree was steak with a root vegetable puree. The steak wasn't bad. A bit more thin than I expected, but none the less it wasn't that bad. The root vegetable puree on the side was REALLY exceptional. It was full of flavor, creamy and it was the best part of the meal. Now... if only I could remember what the root vegetables were... :(
(I think it might've been fennel and parsnip....) 

My dessert was a little cake with peach and vanilla ice cream on the side. The peaches were a bit sour and the vanilla ice cream, which I believe was freshly made at the restaurant, tasted a little weird to me too. The dessert too was mediocre and it didn't grasp my attention for its tastiness.

Overall, with the exception of the root vegetable puree, everything else was mediocre and unmemorable.

If it's not obvious already, I don't recommend Petrossian as a restaurant, but if you would like to go. Go for it, since everyone has different experiences, and hopefully you're time at the restaurant will be a positive one.

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