Thursday, February 26, 2015


If you have nothing planned or have some time while you're in the city THIS WEEKEND, why not check out the KIDS FOOD FESTIVAL!

It's going to be whole loads of fun with family-friendly activities, entertainment, and FREE goodies!


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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Minetta Tavern Mini Review

Back in December 2014, I had brunch with some friends at Minetta Tavern - located on the corner of MacDougal Street and Minetta Lane (in the West Village).

The entrance was really cool! When I opened the door, there was just another curtain covering the interior, like I would walk into another dimension when I uncovered it, but that was certainly not the case. I rushed over to where my friends were because I was a little late, and the interior I saw was very classic and modern at the same time.

Since I was going to be a little late, I messaged my friends about what I wanted to have so they could order on my behalf - and when I sat down, I didn't have to wait an extra few minutes.

The dish I decided to have was:

Eggs en Concotte

It wasn't WOW-ing and I can't say it was fantastic. It was a very interesting dish and it was my first time having eggs like this so it was definitely uncharted territory - perhaps if I try it again my opinion will be different then.  

What I think would have made the dish a little better was cooking it a little more, adding a little bit more of seasoning and definitely more baguette soldiers. Giving a whole mini baguette would be better though.... but this is my bias because I love bread. The eggs were much more watery than I expected it to be - there were barely any firm bits to the dish but if there were, it probably would have tasted a bit better --- but is this how 'eggs en concotte' is supposed to be? I've never had this before so if it is, please let me know! 

The overall taste was pretty bland and although the richness of the yolk was there, that was a very familiar taste that wasn't enough to make this dish worthwhile. I wasn't even given a spoon so I had to ask for one.

I tried some of my friend's pasta - PASTA ZA ZA and it wasnt bad but wasn't that great either - better than my dish though.

I've seen some good reviews on this place and I wish I could say the same great stuff, but it sucks that I didn't have that super positive experience. I may try my luck with Minetta Tavern again some day but from what I had, I can't say that that'll be real soon. If you decide to go, I hope you have a great experience and please write in the comment section below about what you thought was great/bad/etc!

Happy Eatings Everyone!!


Sunday, February 15, 2015


To all the wonderful foodies out there, Restaurant Week is Feb. 16th - Mar. 3rd!

Lunch is a fixed at $25 and Dinner is a fixed at $38

These fixed prices will not be available on the weekends -- although, Sunday dinner would depend on the restaurant you go to!

There are over 300 restaurants participating in Restaurant Week so you if you have time between tomorrow and March 3rd, check out a new restaurant or go to one of your favorite restaurants for a pleasant day out!

To see if the restaurant you like is participating, check out or