Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chris' Special Burger Sauce Recipe

In the past few years, I've come to appreciate and really love/enjoy burgers. Burgers are packed with flavor and are the embodiment of awesomeness, but adding extra sauces or different cheeses definitely gives it an extra boost in flavor! When I first had Shake Shack, I was just in love with how delicious their burgers were, and their "secret" sauce was definitely the hint of magic that made it extra tasty (at least for me). I figured it would be great to make a sauce like that to keep at home for the days I craved a burger and gives it that extra mile of deliciousness! So, I googled for Shake Shack's sauce recipe, and there wasn't an exact one but since they were relatively similar, I decided to use those recipes as a base to make my own sauce to cater to my and my families' taste buds! I'm very glad to share this easy peezy recipe with you guys, and it's a burger sauce but it also pairs well with fries, tater tots, gyros & hot dogs! ENJOY!

Total time: 5 Minutes
Serving Size: 4-6

Here's what you'll need:  (these are estimates of what I put in, I usually taste it and add more of the ingredients if I want - it really all depends on what YOU like, so cater to your taste buds :)