Friday, October 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Half Moon Tortilla Calzone Recipe!

This Half Moon Tortilla is made with a Whole Wheat Tortilla
HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! I have not blogged in awhile and let me blame it on all the work I had and the shows I've been watching! (*high five to all the drama addicts out there!*) I've been really into food based shows and there's a Korean drama called Midnight Diner about a diner that's opened from Midnight to 7am. How surprising, right? But I was surprised to see how fun it is and really captures a lot about life. It goes really deep into the stories of the customers that come to the midnight diner and it's a feel-good, feel-hungry type of drama that I suggest when you're in the mood to try something new. It's originally based off of a Japanese drama, which I will probably watch... hopefully soon. Anyways, I digress. The recipe I am sharing with you guys today is one of the recipes from the show (I tweaked it a bit for my tastebuds + kept in mind the ingredients I had)! It's super easy, doesn't take too much time and the results are AWESOME. Just so good for a quick meal or a midnight snack. ;)

Here's what you'll need: