Sunday, October 12, 2014

Food in London 5 - DUCK AND WAFFLE

This post is so long overdue but let me just say, that this restaurant left such a beautiful impression on me and is FOREVER embedded in my memory. If I ever have the chance to go back to London, visiting this restaurant again will be on top of my list!!!

Duck & Waffle is a restaurant on the 40th Floor of the Heron Tower. You're not only promised a beautiful view, but a beautiful atmosphere, amazing food, and a wonderful staff.

Trying to decide on which restaurant to go to for date night, I came across Duck & Waffle by fate on someone's Youtube channel and decided to give it a go!

When we got there, we were seated by the window and at that moment I was completely mesmerized by the view.

When the menu came, I didn't know where to focus my eyes on because there was just so many wonderful selections!!! We ended up choosing:

Bread with N'duja and Gruyere - REALLY GOOD. It had a spicy kick to it which surprised me, since it was my first time tasting N'duja, and the gruyere really topped it off well. The moment my boyfriend had a bite, he couldn't suppress his emotions of happiness.

Jerusalem Artichoke Ravioli - AWESOME. It was a very rich, creamy dish with wonderful flavor. The hazelnuts added a great crunch to a very soft dish and the nutty aroma did a solid job on the dish. It was a great dish to share because I don't think I would have been able to eat it all by myself.

Duck & Waffle - DELICIOUS. I was skeptical of the idea of, the literal title, DUCK and WAFFLE, but after one bite, I became a fan of having waffles with poultry. The mustard syrup that was paired with this dish was fantastic. The mustard seeds really added a tangy, spicy kick to the sweetness. The duck meat, egg, waffle, and syrup just paired magnificently.

We both had Gin and Tonics but Duck & Waffle had their own twist to the classic drink -- They added Yuzu sorbet and Rose Petals and my, oh, my was it tasty.

For dessert I don't remember clearly what I had, but it was a fruity dessert and my boyfriend had something chocolatey, I was really good but I preferred the savory dishes. We also ordered the cheese table but it wasn't to our liking. When we got our checks, the staff had forgotten to place the cheese table, so when we told them about the mistake they were nice enough to put that on the house since we expressed that it wasn't something we enjoyed.

This place is not only good for romantic evenings, but a great place for a girl's night out (because they have a bar/lounge a floor below), a nice family dinner for a special occasion, etc.

If I'm not mistaken, this restaurant is open 24 HOURS/7DAYSAWEEK. Yeah, you read that correctly. 24 HOURS. For a foodie like me, that's so dangerous! 

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