Monday, September 16, 2013

Flaunt your style!

Today, I went to Carnaby Street - A street FILLED with shops from side to side!
It really reminded me of SOHO (which there is in London as well!)


It was in association with GQ Magazine and there were a lot of stores having a 20% off sale! There were DJs, bartenders, in-store events, etc. Something I found really interesting was that people were actually buying things unlike Fashion's Night Out in New York. When I went last year (New York), a lot of people I saw were just enjoying the theme of Fashion's Night Out and not really shopping - a reason why it was cancelled this year. 

It was really cool, new yet familiar, and definitely fun.

There were various shops and the prices ranged from low to high! It really depended on the store you went into!

The people I saw were amazing! So many people yet you could clearly see each other their style personalities. Some were dark but edgy, and others bright and bubbly! It was really nice seeing how people can just wear what they want in confidence and flaunt their stuff! It's really nice and refreshing to see people in an outfit that they can wear and just make it look FABULOUS! Some people may deem certain people's styles "not normal" but then again, WHAT IS NORMAL!?

FLAUNT YOUR STYLE. BE CONFIDENT! Guys and girls both love people that are confident in themselves! Don't think about what people will think of you too much because they aren't going to be the ones making you happy. You're going to make yourself happy!!!

Everyone has their own style - be it more concentrated on the hair, make up, colors, etc. FLAUNT IT!

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