Monday, September 2, 2013

Food in London

So far, the best meal I had was BURGER KING's Whopper Meal.
The Whopper tastes pretty much the same, a slightly healthier, but it's the "sides" that come with this Whopper that make it different. 

The fries and soda that come with it are clearly smaller than what we would expect in America when we order a "meal." 

This set portion size seemed like a great regulation to have especially because people in America consume large amounts of fast food without much of a break. The amount that we consume is just unbelievably grand and I think that having this sort of regulation would help with the reoccurring problems with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, just a few of the countless sicknesses we could get from not having a healthy diet and having the right portions - the Large soda cup in this Burger King looked like the Regular size back in the states.

We really need to start changing what we're letting our taste buds taste... Of course I just wrote a post about how the best meal I had was a Whopper meal, I am only stating that out of the very few times I have tried different foods. But, even with the difference in portion size makes a difference. The amount of calories I consumed were definitely less than what I would have originally consumed in America. Also, since the EU (European Union) is against GMO (genetically modified organisms), it is significantly easier for people to gain access to foods with less artificial ingredients and non GMO foods - a total COMPLETE AMAZING plus about being in the UK!

Overall, everyone, including myself, need to start eating more vegetables, fruits, consume less foods filled with artificial junk, lower your sodium and sugar intake, drink more water than soda, exercise little by little (go on Youtube and watch Blogilates - totally inspiring and you won't get bored while working out!!!), and try getting protein from beans, tofu, soybeans (preferably NON GMO), milk and cheese, rather than just red meats - even chicken breasts (preferably grilled than fried). 

I feel like a FOOD REVOLUTION will take place, sooner or later.

Do you think so? Will you be a part of it? Why or why not?

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