Wondering About Me?

Hello My Wonderful Reader!

I'm Chris, the creator and writer of Wonders for the Soul!

I must ask you, what does wonders for the soul?

There are probably a million answers out there, and when I started this blog in 2011 with that question in mind, I was lost because even I had so many answers. While attending university, I developed my concentration in "Psychology of Food" and that's when I knew the direction for my blog. I decided to write about cooking, eating, and travelling because these activities have truly done wonders for my soul. Although, I don't limit myself to those three things, it is the subject for a majority of the posts on this blog!

I hope that through this blog, I was able to pass on at least a little bit of happiness, made you hungry, and made you think about what does wonders for YOUR soul! Thank you so much for visiting and reading this!

Have a Wonderfilling Day! 

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