Wondering About Us?

Hi Everyone! I'm Chris, the creator of Wonders for the Soul! I started this blog in 2011 without much direction but I definitely knew I wanted to involve food. While I was studying abroad in London during 2013, I began to write but after a few tries, there was a bit of a hiatus. Between the studying abroad and coming back home, I decided to concentrate my academic studies to "Psychology of Food" at NYU and that's when I knew the direction for my blog. 

I'm an avid fan of fashion, cosmetics, nature and television shows but I wanted to put a majority of my time working on making food the highlight of this blog (but there might be some variation of posts occasionally). During 2014, I decided to make it my mission to try harder and work harder to develop this blog, not only for myself but for our readers. 

In June of 2015, my friend, Phoebe, voiced out her wish to create a joint Facebook page where we shared our knowledge and love for food! But then, I thought why limit it to Facebook? So I offered Phoebe to join me and my Wonders for the Soul blog/project and she happily boarded the journey. I love sharing my food journey with everyone so I hope you will all continue to look forward to this blog and what it has to offer you! :)

Hello there, I am Phoebe, the other contributor to Wonders for the Soul! Now for a little bit about me; I am a violinist studying at the Royal College of Music in London, so unlike Chris, I am not studying anything to do with food, but not to fear! I have been cooking and loving food since before I can remember, and have had a lot of practice in the kitchen.

Food and music are my two big passions in life, and living in London gives me a varied exposure to many different kinds of food, ingredients, and cultural cooking. As a musician I am travelling frequently, and am never afraid to try new things, to report on, and later experiment with.

My strong point in the kitchen is baking, so my main focus in my posts will be on the sweeter side of the kitchen, with recipes and advice from my experiences.

It will be a pleasure writing for you!

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