Sunday, June 21, 2015

Greetings from London

Hi Everyone!

I am the New Contributor Phoebe! I am delighted to add my input and support to this blog, because I
am passionate about all things food, and also I feel Chris is the perfect foodie counterpart!

I will lead you through my sweet recipes, (occasionally some savory, but I fear that I am not as good as Chris when it comes to that!) and enlighten you on what London has to offer!

I am constantly on the move as my main work is as a musician, but through that I hope to go on many culinary adventures, and find all sorts of new places to eat, and review, perhaps through Europe as well as just London! :)

You will be hearing more from me soon, as I plan to add a recipe (as promised on our facebook page #pleaselike) for some Madeleines!

Thanks for reading!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Quick, Cheap & Easy Gift Ideas

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dad's out there!

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New Contributor!

Hi everyone!

I'm super duper delighted to tell you guys that a friend of mine, Phoebe, will be contributing to this blog as well! Since she's in the UK, we'll be providing you guys with two different food realms and we're both super excited about joining forces!

Although I love to eat baked goods, sweets, etc. I cannot bake for the life of me. :( I've gotta say I'm not bad when it comes to cooking savory foods, but the sweet realm is a whole different ball game for me. HOWEVER, my new contributor is GREAT with the sweets so she'll be posting recipes on sweets, as well as additional content that will help BLOOM this blog even further!

We also have a Facebook page now, so please check it out and like it - Facebook Page for Blog !

I'm super thankful to all of you guys who read this blog, so please look forward to it even more!

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Happy Eatings!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pic Series of Jeju: Citrus Museum

I can sit down and eat a box of clementines by myself with no remorse - and this is has been the case for the past 20 years! I love fruits but I really do love my citrus fruits above all! Oranges, clementines, mandarin oranges, sunkist oranges, grapefruits - all - make me super happy and refreshed! When I saw a map of Jeju that highlights a lot of the tourist spots, I noticed that there was a Citrus museum!!! I thought it was super cool and begged my family to go! 

Today's Pic Series of Jeju is meant to highlight my time at the Citrus Museum! It was such a lovely place to visit and made me feel so tropical! I hope you enjoy these pictures, and please, look forward to my future Pic Series' of Jeju! :) 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pic Series of Jeju: EcoLand

EcoLand was one of the first places I went to while visiting Jeju Island. For nature lovers, this is definitely for you but even if you're not, it's such a fantastic place that fills your heart with peace and tranquility. I think it's a great place for families, friends, couples and even schools to bring their students for school trips! The way that they cultivated and planned out the park was superb. It's just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love how they made it like an "amusement park" although it's less roller coaster rides and more nature. Nonetheless, I'm all about this place. I won't say much more because you guys need to see and experience the place for yourselves, but here's the first step to a Pic Series that will take you guys one step closer to Jeju Island. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jeju Island, I Miss You

Back in January, I went to South Korea to visit my family after 8 long years of being away from the motherland.

I was nervous and excited to see everyone since it had been so long, but I was super stoked about the food! I watch a lot of Korean cooking shows and food shows so I was excited to try to visit a 맛집 - which means, "a-really-good-food-place" or in a very casual and relaxed sense - "hot spot." Sadly enough, I wasn't really able to go out and search for some hidden gems but one of the most memorable moments I had while I was in Korea was going to Jeju Island.

Visiting Jeju Island was never in the books. It was an impromptu 2 night 3 day trip with my mom, cousin, aunt and uncle and it was the best trip ever! Jeju Island gave me one of the best impressions of Korea while I was there. It was D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y WORTH it and I'd go back in a heart beat.

If you've never heard of Jeju Island, it's an absolutely GORGEOUS island off the Southern tip of South Korea. In other words, Jeju Island can be described as South Korea's Hawaii, but why limit it to Hawaii? The experience at Jeju Island is one that can only be explained by GOING THERE. I'm not a representative of Jeju Tourism but holy shit, this place is awesome.

Jeju Island is the land of mouthwatering, sweet, juicy clementines, oranges, hallabong, and other citrus fruits. They are also the land of delicious, fresh seafood and black pigs (didn't get to taste any pork but I hear it's one of the must-try items to taste at Jeju).

Aside from the food though, I was really surprised by how packed Jeju Island was with things to see and places to visit! There are various museums, trails for hiking and walking, activities, restaurants, art galleries, mini islands and just beautiful sceneries to stare at. I could tell that they strive hard to keep the environment one of the main points of visiting Jeju. The Halla Mountain of Jeju is at the center of the island and you can see the mountain from various points but with different perspectives. It's really great to see the same mountain but in a different light, weather, angle, etc. Law has been set up as well so that when people are building new places, they don't go higher than about 5 stories so it doesn't block the Halla Mountain.

The serenity I felt at Jeju Island was a beautiful experience and I would REALLY, really love to go back again. I really miss you, Jeju Island. <3

I will be uploading a few mini Picture Series on the different places I went to while in Jeju, so please look out for them!

In the meantime, check out these photos I took while I was in Jeju: