Sunday, June 21, 2015

Greetings from London

Hi Everyone!

I am the New Contributor Phoebe! I am delighted to add my input and support to this blog, because I
am passionate about all things food, and also I feel Chris is the perfect foodie counterpart!

I will lead you through my sweet recipes, (occasionally some savory, but I fear that I am not as good as Chris when it comes to that!) and enlighten you on what London has to offer!

I am constantly on the move as my main work is as a musician, but through that I hope to go on many culinary adventures, and find all sorts of new places to eat, and review, perhaps through Europe as well as just London! :)

You will be hearing more from me soon, as I plan to add a recipe (as promised on our facebook page #pleaselike) for some Madeleines!

Thanks for reading!

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