Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Continuation of an Old Journey // SPOT Dessert Bar Review

After a long hibernation from the blogging world, I've decided it would be a great idea to come back. I've felt like I've been missing something and I've been eager to write about whatever comes to mind - which is the reason why I started this blog in the first place!

Recently, I've been completely engulfed by food. I think it's such a fun scavenger hunt - finding good food spots! Don't you? Who would ever want to deny good food?

I think a great way to "start-off" my blog is to introduce a sweet dessert spot!

SPOT Dessert Bar seems to be a new go to dessert place for friends, families, couples, etc etc.

The location I visited was on St. Marks Pl. in downtown New York.

I've tried their Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, Banoffee (between the two Green Tea Lava Cakes), Thai Tea Creme Brulee, and Golden Toast!

Out of the four desserts that I tried, I must say that I disliked the Banoffee the most - there was too much cream, couldn't taste the toffee all that well, the oreo crumbs seemed to be too overpowering, and the hot chocolate that they give you to pour into the banoffee cup just didn't seem to combine all that well together with the other items (please note, this is my personal opinion; you may or may not like the banoffee, so don't take my word for it! I would still say TRY IT since you never know). On the other hand, the Golden Toast turned out to be brilliant! When I first saw it in the menu, that was the dessert I wanted to stay away from since it seemed to be quite ordinary, but thanks to the waiter there, picking that dessert was a great choice! It was really delicious! I loved everything about it, the honey, the ice cream, the strawberries, the whip cream, EVERYTHING. The Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake which is the #1 seller there is quite good as well, but for my tastes, it became too sweet after awhile. For those of you that really like Chocolate, you will definitely like it (maybe even love it)! The Thai Tea Creme Brulee is also good. It's not too sweet, not too bland. I think it can be to go to dessert if you don't want anything too sweet or too bland. The thai tea that they also pair the creme brulee with pairs well.

Overall I would rank them:

1. Golden Toast
2. Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake
3. Thai Tea Creme Brulee
4. Banoffee

Although there are two locations, I've only visited one and this place is relatively small but it definitely gets a lot of people, even more so during the evening than the afternoon. The atmosphere, the desserts, the people are all on the positive side, but the only negative would have to be how small this place is but then again, I wonder if it would have the same feel to it if it the place was bigger.

Keep in mind, if you plan on visiting, you may have to wait a few minutes in order to get seated!

Check out their site for the full menu and other stuff:

Hope you found this helpful! :)

Have a sweet SPOT on day everyone~


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