Saturday, May 23, 2015

155 W 51st: Le Bernardin - My Time at the 3 Stars

A couple of months ago, I went to Le Bernardin, a 3 Michelin star restaurant that focuses on making their seafood dishes a meal to remember.

To celebrate the end of a fun cooking class with some friends, we decided to go to Le Bernardin. It was a very formal setting with a comfort level at around 6/10. At first, I felt out of place because everyone seemed so business oriented (and much older) while I wanted to eat and take photos. Soon enough though, we were in our own bubble. I was really impressed by the design of the restaurant and how simple, yet beautiful it was. Even the plates in front of me were simply stunning.

We went for lunch, which meant $80 for a 3 course meal.

For starters, I decided to get the Bay Scallop-Sea Urchin. It was absolutely refreshing. The Nantucket bay scallops with the sea urchin and Meyer lemon vinaigrette tasted clean, crisp, and sweet. I really wished there was more of everything,
but particularly the Uni(Sea Urchin) because it is one of my favorite foods. It had a wonderful creamy texture and an addicting sweet taste. The scallops added another hint of sweetness to the dish. The overall dish was absolutely splendid and really gave my palate a refreshing cleanse.

For my main, I had the Lobster. When it first came out, I'll be honest - I thought I was going to be hungry afterwards because it didn't look like much but luckily I was full after my meal. The texture and flavor of the lobster was just perfect. I wish there was more of the sunchoke puree though. It was delicious but there wasn't enough for the dish in my opinion. The leek compote was alright but I wish it was something else instead because the taste was very bland.

I had the Roasted Figs with Mascarpone and Almond cake for dessert. It was sweet but not too, too sweet. I wish I had gotten something else though because it wasn't completely captivating. The vanilla ice cream was really good. The Jalapenos on it was an interesting idea but it didn't make things better. I thought it was very awkward.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience but I left thinking that it wasn't beyond amazing or awe-inspiring. The food was delicious but I didn't yearn to come back and eat again. Le Bernardin didn't hold on to me as much as I wanted it to. Perhaps one day, I'll come back and leave wishing I could come back.


Here are some more pictures of the food that my friends had: 

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