Friday, October 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Half Moon Tortilla Calzone Recipe!

This Half Moon Tortilla is made with a Whole Wheat Tortilla
HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! I have not blogged in awhile and let me blame it on all the work I had and the shows I've been watching! (*high five to all the drama addicts out there!*) I've been really into food based shows and there's a Korean drama called Midnight Diner about a diner that's opened from Midnight to 7am. How surprising, right? But I was surprised to see how fun it is and really captures a lot about life. It goes really deep into the stories of the customers that come to the midnight diner and it's a feel-good, feel-hungry type of drama that I suggest when you're in the mood to try something new. It's originally based off of a Japanese drama, which I will probably watch... hopefully soon. Anyways, I digress. The recipe I am sharing with you guys today is one of the recipes from the show (I tweaked it a bit for my tastebuds + kept in mind the ingredients I had)! It's super easy, doesn't take too much time and the results are AWESOME. Just so good for a quick meal or a midnight snack. ;)

Here's what you'll need:

1 Large Round Tortilla (Flour or Whole Wheat)
6 pieces of Shrimp (Raw or Frozen, whichever you prefer)
Tomato Sauce of your choice - I used Prego's Traditional sauce
1/2 of a small/medium White Onion - chopped
Handful of Mushrooms - chopped - One day I used Oyster mushrooms, the other day I used Bella
2 - 3 tbls of Red Cooking Wine
1 tbls Butter
1/4 cup or however much you want of Shredded Cheese - I used the Three blend cheese!
1 tbls Honey
4-6 Cherry Tomatoes - halved - Optional
Basil - Optional
Salt and Pepper to taste

*This recipe calls for either an oven or a toaster oven*

Overall time: 30 - 35 Minutes

Servings: 1 serving - but it can be up to 2 people, if you share half of it.


1. If you're using raw shrimp that haven't been cleaned, clean them! If you're eating frozen shrimp, thaw it in salt water (enough water to cover the shrimp and about 2 teaspoons of salt).

2. Chop your onion and mushrooms. In a non-stick pan, on medium-high heat, put the onions and mushrooms and saute for a minute or two. Then, add the butter and stir. Add the red cooking wine, and continue to stir until a lot of the liquid has evaporated. Add salt and pepper to taste. Leave aside.

3. If the tortilla has been sitting in the refrigerator for awhile and is a bit stiff, pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. It should make it warm and flimsy - good for folding without ripping the tortilla! Then, on top of a plate, wax paper, or aluminum foil, take about 1-2 tablespoons of the Tomato Sauce and spread it on the center. Leave room on the edges for the honey. You can then top the sauteed onions and mushrooms onto one side of the tomato sauce. Leave aside.

*At this time, if you are using an oven, crank it up to 400 degrees*

4. You can use the same pan to pan-fry the shrimp but if you don't want to do that, by all means, get another pan. The decision is yours! No biggie at all! Before pan frying the shrimp, make sure the tails have been removed and you pat it dry on some paper towel. Then, add a little bit of olive oil to the pan and keep it on one side for about 2-3 minutes, then flip for another minute or two and remove!

5. Top the shrimp onto the sauteed onions and mushrooms. If you have, you can also place basil leaves on top, or even below the shrimp. Sprinkle the halved cherry tomatoes on top, too. Then, cover it all generously with the delicious, stinky, bitter or nutty cheese of your choice!

6. To prepare for the fold, put some honey on the edge of the tortilla - just on one side though. Then, take the side of the tortilla without any of the toppings, and fold it over and close. You may have to get a fork and press down on the tortilla to "close" it, but if it doesn't, don't worry about it. It does NOT change the way it tastes.

7. Pop the tortilla into your oven or toaster oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until you see it turn golden brown. If the honey oozes out, there's a chance of it burning slightly but do not fear! Just keep an eye on it!

8. Enjoy your tasty Half Moon Tortilla Calzone!


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