Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miss America Problems.


Who would have ever thought that there would be a big "scandalous" issue causing uproar in the public because of Miss America? NOT ME. Frankly not because of this issue I'm about to address - RACISM.


Come on people, really?

So, it seems that an Indian American was crowned Miss America and she is receiving so much criticism from people calling her names, comparing her to Miss Kansas, making fun of her, etc. She is being bullied, basically.

Now, isn't bullying something that people aren't that fond of? Yet... it seems pretty easy for people to do that.

I haven't been using Facebook TOO often - more so for keeping in contact with people - but I must say that I couldn't NOT say anything about this issue...

Copied and pasted from my Facebook-

"An Indian-American won Miss America. So what? If she deserved it, then she deserved it. Should she not have won solely because she's an Indian American? I don't see a rule or law stating that a woman of Caucasian descent can only become Miss America. I didn't see the competition but I'm sure Miss Kansas had her perks and other reasons to be Miss America but just because she went to the army, has tattoos, and likes hunting DOES NOT make her an American and that should DEFINITELY not be the only reason why you should be selected for Miss America.

Last time I checked, the definition of an American in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) is "Originally: a native or inhabitant of America, esp. of the British colonies in North America, of European descent (now hist.). Now chiefly: A NATIVE OR CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES." Are we living in the past? Nope... We aren't. We're living in the present and Miss Nina Davuluri seems to be a citizen, hence she was able to compete for Miss America, and it also means that she's an American! 

You know, this whole Miss America thing is making me think. For lack of a better example, if I became Miss America, will people start making North Korean jokes at me for being a Korean-American? Will they start saying that I'm a communist? I'm shocked but glad at the same time that this issue has arisen, because it just comes to show that there is a lot more room for change in our society.

Why are people making such ignorant comments about this girl? I really don't understand what the big deal is. America would NOT be America without people from various backgrounds. Sure, Caucasians had a big role in shaping America, but that surely does not mean that an American is defined by a Caucasian. Immigrants had an equally big role in shaping "American culture" and the children of those immigrants are citizens of the United States. Those children are American."

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