Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pearce Fionda SS 2014 - London Fashion Week


I love love loveeeeeeeeeed Pearce Fionda's SS 2014 Collection! Up until the day I had gone to their show, I had not heard of Pearce Fionda but now, I don't think I can forget them.

After much contemplation and asking my friend if I looked alright, again and again, my outfit to the show:

Dress: Isabel Lu

Clutch: Primark

Shoes: Office Shoes

I just let my hair down and that twas it...

Held at the Freemason's Hall in London, Pearce Fionda left me smiling at the end of their show. I fell in love with their SS 2014 Collection, a ready to wear collection filled with beautiful evening dresses and two pieces. I have 2 words to say : BEAUTIFUL SILHOUETTES!


The dresses, as well as two pieces, had their own characteristics but they all summed up to be sexy, chic, elegant, and most definitely glamorous. The femininity of this collection had was absolutely amazing. There was some masculine characteristics to the two pieces, but the flow and design of the outfits just made it look more like an extreme business casual with an edgy twist - loved the use of the peblums.

Purple, black, and white seemed to be the main three color choices that they chose for the collection, with the occasional yellow/mustard color popping up here and there. There was a lot of satin, lace, mesh and tulle, intricate embroideries, velvet, and sequins - each seemed to take on a big role in the individual pieces. The length of the outfits ranged from really long, up to the knees, or down to the ankle. Without the flow of the dresses, I don't think this collection would have looked as great or would have been as graceful as it did. The continuous A lot of the two-pieces were very strong, feminine, and edgy but the masculinity of the outfit was really downplayed by the lace, cuts, and as said before, design.

The makeup was really interesting. The focus was on the eyes with thick eyeliner and bold eyebrows - from afar, it seemed the models had on two different types of thick eyeliner  but from close up photos (posted the link below), it can be seen that the they seem like stickers. It sort of reminded me of the eyeliner tattoo and lip tattoos but these seem to be a little different from those but have similar concepts - UPDATE: TURNS OUT THEY'RE PAPER LINERS. The makeup really gave a nice color contrast to the outfits and it gave it a completely different feel from the "typical" glamorous look if the make up tone was more neutral.

Vogue has the complete collection ready for view here:

Also, totally saw this really cute lady with a bright pop of pink -  Anyone know who she is?

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