Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nizza Review

What can I say, this restaurant is just a place you NEED to check out at LEAST once!!! And if you do, I hope that you enjoy Nizza as much as I do.

I've been here more than 4 times and each time, I left with a very pleasant experience. Like Isabella's (review is here: http://wondersforthesoul.blogspot.com/2014/10/isabellas-restaurant.html ), everyone that I've brought here have said positive things. It's a medium sized, cozy restaurant with a decent number of tables and a lovely atmosphere. They also have tables outside, if you're an outdoor sitter. If you're worried about pricing, I'll just say you don't have to worry about your bank account being drained. SO! If you want to go on a nice romantic dinner date with great food and good pricing, you definitely have NIZZA as a choice!! :) I've been here for both lunch and dinner but during lunch hour, it's definitely less crowded but during dinner, it's a different scenario. (Note: Nizza has a moderate noise level, but during the lunch hour it's a bit more quiet since there's less of a crowd.)

Check out the menu here: http://nizzanyc.com/menu 

These two are just a must try if you go to Nizza:

Socca - a chickpea pancake that is full of flavor and also, for those have a gluten free diet, this is gluten free!!!!! (on the left side of the picture)

Gnocchi Al Forno - this was my first gnocchi and it made me look forward to all the future gnocchi dishes I would try. It is very creamy and for cheese lovers, GO FOR THIS! Super cheesy and just pure love!!! Don't think about calories with this one because if you decide to go with this, you won't be able to get away from those calories because of how delicious it is!!! (on the bottom right of the picture)

Their lunch special's are not a bad choice either since it's $9.25! I've had the House Roasted Turkey Paninetto (with caramelized onions, fontina and garlic mayo) with Tomato Soup with Fresh Ricotta and it was really good. The portion was moderate for me, where it made me feel full but not stuffed to the point where I was going to knock out. Of course, depending on your appetite and the meal that you choose, it might be too small or maybe even too much. I personally think that this lunch special is totally worth the $9.25. If you ever visit during lunch time or are around the neighborhood looking for a lunch spot, check out the lunch special. It should be at the top left corner of the menu! (on the top right of the picture)

This restaurant is a DEFINITE recommend!

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